Device Unlocking Terms

AT&T will unlock/provide codes for 95% of each lot of phones sold, provided the request is submitted according the AT&T's Device Unlocking Terms. Every effort will be made by AT&T to unlock all devices, but no returns or credits will be issued for the unlocked units up to 5% of the total lot quantity. iPads & tablets will NOT be unlocked. Auction Participant will not unlock, reflash, and/or alter any “GoPhone” branded items (or included or associated materials or accessories including, but not limited to the User Guide, and SIM cards.) AT&T Mobility Auction will facilitate the unlocking of devices sold through our auction ONLY. Unlock Requests may only be submitted by the buyer who purchased the lot. Buyers submitting unlock requests for devices they did not purchase directly from AT&T will be removed from the auction.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlock requests sent to any other email distribution other than those stated below will not be accepted or submitted for unlock/unlock codes or unlock code escalations.


AT&T/FedEx/CTDI facilitates the unlocking of iPhones prior to shipment from the respective facility. It is not necessary to send unlock requests for these devices.

Once received, buyers should connect the devices to iTunes to complete the unlock process.

DO NOT send fallout unlock requests for iPhones which you have not already connected to iTunes.

  • Escalation Requests for replacement/not found codes or iPhone fallout IMEI's may be submitted within 14 days of the ship date for the lot(s) purchased. Requests received outside this period will be rejected.
  • Requests for replacement/not found codes or iPhone fallout IMEI's should be submitted by email to the distribution below. Content should be as follows:
    • Email subject: "MISSING UNLOCK", "BUYER NAME", "LOT#" (i.e. "Re: MISSING UNLOCK, USA Cell Company, AAXXXXXX/CIXXXXXXXX")
    • Excel file containing the IMEI's and Lot# of devices missing codes should be attached to the email request
    • Requests submitted outside the format listed above will be rejected.
    • IMEI's will be validated as belonging to the submitted lot number and buyer prior to escalation.
    • If unlocking/unlock codes cannot be secured by the standard methods listed above, AT&T will escalate the request with device OEMs. TAT for these requests ranges from 1-14 days.

For additional information please refer to the Conditions page.